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Off Grid Solar

Providing you with a bespoke solution to meet off grid solar needs.

Take complete control of your power with an off-grid solar system. Experience the freedom, sustainability, and reliability that comes with generating your own clean energy.

Nelson Solar is your trusted partner for off-grid solar solutions in Nelson. We specialise in designing and installing all types of solar systems, using our expertise to help people in their transition to renewable energy.

Why off-grid solar?

Energy Independence

Break free from the limitations and costs associated with relying on the traditional electricity grid. With an off-grid solar system, you become self-sufficient generating your own clean energy.

Remote Locations

If you live in a remote area with limited or no access to the electricity grid, off-grid solar is an ideal solution. However, if your property is already connected to the grid, a hybrid system (rather than being completely off-grid) is usually more cost-effective.

Energy Resilience 

When natural disasters strike, off-grid solar systems shine. You’ll have electricity for critical appliances and lighting, without being dependent on external power sources.

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Bespoke design

For an off-grid system to work well, it needs to be designed for your specific situation. We have a refined system to ensure we capture all the information needed to design the best system for you. This includes: 

  • Build your energy profile – The first step in any off-grid system is to work out how much energy you will need. We will work through a load sheet to determine what appliances will be used and how long for.
  • Roughly design the system – We’ll calculate the appropriate number of solar panels and the battery capacity required to meet your needs, especially during times of low or no sun.
  • Look at cost – This gives us a starting point for the cost of the system. We may look to reduce loads to bring down the size of the system needed. Often having the most energy-efficient appliances or simply removing unnecessary loads can make a big difference to the size of the system needed.
  • Adjust design – From here we can adjust the design and finalise the perfect system for you.
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Why work with Nelson Solar?

Off-grid solar is more complex than standard systems, so it’s best to work with an expert. We offer:

Expertise and Experience

Having a wide range of experience in off-grid, Nelson Solar have the tools and knowledge to design and install the best system to meet your needs and energy profile. 

Comprehensive energy assessment and customised design

Getting your off-grid solar system right from the start will save you any pain later on. As you’ll be completely energy independent, you want to make sure your system operates as it should all the time.

Quality and reliability

Nelson Solar is committed to providing an excellent service. We only use high-quality, trusted products. Being local, we are here if you ever need us. Our relationship doesn’t stop at installation, we’re here to support you for the life of your system.

New Build

Start your off-grid journey

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