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  • Tesla Powerwall 2 / 13.5kW
    Tesla Powerwall 2 / 13.5kW

    The Tesla Powerwall 2 ticks all the boxes when it comes to home battery storage.

    Tesla Powerwall 2 key features: 

    Reliability – one of the most reliable batteries on the market and a 10 year warranty (guaranteed 70% capacity after 10 years).

    13.5kWh of storage – to keep you powered through the night and provide backup power in the event of a grid outage, with changeover so fast the lights will barely flicker. 

    Tesla Monitoring platform – exactly what you would expect from Tesla; neat, sleek and great to use. Use the App on your phone to see how much solar you are generating, how much power you are using, what’s going in and out of the battery and what’s coming from the grid. 

    For more information head to our Tesla Powerwall home page.

    Tesla Powerwall Datasheet

  • PowerPlus Lithium Battery / 3.3-3.8kW
    PowerPlus Lithium Battery / 3.3-3.8kW

    Australian made, PowerPlus LiFe batteries provide reliable and efficient energy storage.

    PowerPlus Lithium Batteries key features:

    Infinitely upgradable – add more modules in parallel as your needs grow.

    Excellent warranty – 10 year warranty for long term piece of mind.

    Quality assured – built, designed and tested in Australia these batteries offer 3300kWh of usable energy and a round trip efficiency of >96%.

    PowerPlus LiFe Battery Datasheet