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  • Fronius Smart Meter
    Fronius Smart Meter

    Together with the Fronius Solar.web, the Smart Meter presents a clear overview of your power consumption.

    Fronius Smart Meter key features:

    Energy usage monitoring  – monitors your energy consumption which is useful to make the best use of your solar generation and for sizing any future batteries.

    Appliance controlcontrol appliances to come on when there is excess solar power. Such as Hot water cylinder.

    Fronius integration – in combination with the Fronius storage solutions, the device ensures perfect coordination of various energy flows, which optimises the entire energy management system. The Fronius Smart Meter is ideally suited for use with the GEN24 Plus, as well as all Fronius inverters with the Fronius Datamanager 2.0

    Fronius Smart Meter Datasheet

  • Victron CCGX / Colourscreen
    Victron CCGX / Colourscreen

    One of the only energy monitoring devices equipped with a screen, for easy and quick viewing. The Victron CCGX pulls all components of your system into one easy to follow screen.

    Victron CCGX key features:

    The brains in off-grid and hybrid systems – monitoring and controlling the battery system, solar controller and solar inverters, to ensure optimum charging of your batteries.

    Online monitoring – information is also sent to Victron’s online monitoring platform VRM. Where you can get a live view of the system and delve a bit deeper into graphs of voltage, amps and kilowatts.

    Automatic generator start/stop – in an off-grid system, the CCGX can be used to automatically start your generator, when the batteries are low, ensuring the batteries stay healthy.

    Victron CCGX Datasheet.